TAA Funded Training Application process

Step 1 – Get registered on the JobGatewaySM Website: www.JobGateway.pa.gov

To receive services through the PA CareerLink®, including job search assistance and funding for training you need to register and input a basic, up to date resume on the JobGatewaySM website.  If you don’t have a computer, or don’t feel comfortable using one, you can register with assistance at any PA CareerLink® Office.


Step 2 – Meet with a TAA representative at your local PA CareerLink®

Visit your local PA Careerlink® to inquire about TAA benefits. If you are a Lackawanna County resident you can visit the PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County at 135 Franklin Ave Scranton, Pa 18503 or contact Joe DiStasi via phone: (570) 963-4671 x3042.


Step 3 – Discuss Training Options with TAA Representative

After contacting PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County in regards to your TAA benefits, you will discuss training options with a TAA representative. Any questions you have at this time will be answered.  Approved training programs can  be found by visiting www.pacareerlinklackawanna.org and clicking on the  “Find Training” link on the left hand side of the website.  You will be taken to the CWDS/Jobgateway website where you will need to fill out the first 3 drop down boxes as follows:


Step 4 – Keep Track of ANY and ALL of Your Job Searching Activities While Researching Training Options

The JobGatewaySM Website will automatically keep records of any jobs you have applied to.  Keep a written record of all of your job search activities including jobs applied for on other websites, newspaper ads, phone calls, applications etc.  It is your responsibility to research training facilities, availability of employment upon graduation, rate of pay, if the wage/salary is one that will sustain you and/or your family, and also cost of training (is there a similar training program available at a lessor cost?).


Step 5 – Obtain Acceptance Letter From Approved Training Facility

By this step you will have already discussed training options with a TAA representative. You will now need to choose which training facility and course you intend to apply for.  Please obtain an acceptance letter from that training facility which indicates the name of the program, cost, and program start date.


Step 6 – Complete WIOA Registration

After you have completed the above steps, contact the CareerLink® office in Scranton at 570-963-4671 to be scheduled for an appointment to complete your WIOA application. You will be required to bring certain documents to this meeting. These documents will include the following: Birth Certificate (if unavailable Passport, Baptismal Certificate or DD-214 can be substituted), Valid PA Driver’s License or PA Identification Card, Social Security Card. Bring your individual determination which states you are eligible for TAA benefits (Form 857 issued by Unemployment). You can obtain your individual trade determination by calling unemployment at the Following #:  888-313-7284.  unemployment only accepts phone calls on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  if you are unable to reach unemployment from home the CareerLink has direct line telephones to Unemployment,


Step 7 – Schedule and Complete Basic Assessment Test

You will need to schedule a time and date to complete the WIN Assessment Test. The assessment is taken on a computer and tests three areas: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information.

Step 8 – Complete Application for TAA Funded Training with TAA Representative

Your last step will be to complete the application for training with a TAA representative. Please call your TAA representative to schedule an appointment.  At this appointment you will need the following documents:  Your Individual Trade Determination which indicates that you have been deemed eligible and approved to apply for TAA benefits,  your acceptance letter from the approved training provider which indicates name of training program, cost, and start date of said program, any and all job searches you have conducted since your dislocation from last employer, your JobGateway username and password.  It is very important that you have your username and password with you.  You will use that to digitally sign your application.

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